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All guests are welcome to enjoy the North Dining Hall for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the specified times for each day. 

The Hilltop Market in the North Dining Hall will close after dinner on August 20th and remain closed until August 23rd. the Fresh Food Company will open for service on August 21st & 22nd for the hours posted.
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Comments? Suggestions?

Click here to get your table tent approved! (WFU departments, offices, and groups only)

If you would like to put table tents out at our dining locations you just need to email barkley-sarah@aramark.com with a proof of your table tent and you will get a response when it is approved! Table tents are allowed to be out for one week and the group creating the table tent is responsible for putting them out and then Aramark will discard of them after the event date! (WFU departments, offices, and groups only)

Starting this summer meal plans can now be purchased through Res Life when students sign up for housing similar to the fall/spring semesters! The dates these plans will be active on your account is the duration of both summer sessions: Summer Session I starts May 24 and Summer Session II ends August 11… Any summer meal plan can be used during those dates even if you attend only one session!

Summer Meal Plan Guide 2017 - Now offering all of the meals swipes to be used as old golds as well!